Hi there, I’m Peter, that handsome guy—I mean centaur—on the right.

Half man, half horse, 100% handsome

I’ve loved cars since I was six years old and who could blame me. My old man used to talk about the classic euro-trash sports cars he had in the good ole days (before us kids of course), like his 1963 Porsche 356B cabriolet or his 1954 Jaguar XK120. Usually, they were funny stories, like driving around in his Triumph TR3 with a huge screwdriver sticking out of the steering wheel to keep it from coming loose. Or finding himself in the middle of a swarm of a hard-core biker gang while riding a Peugeot moped. Anyway, growing up with these stories is how the car stuff all began for me.

My old man also taught me the ways of the hammer, which started with many sore thumbs and the occasional head injury. By ten-years-old I was plumbing bathrooms and fixing electric issues at my parent’s 140-year-old hotel on Marthas Vinyard (can you say child labor?). Naw, I’m grateful for all of the experiences and lessons my old man taught me, it has had a profound impact on me. 

Fast forward a few (cough) years later and I have turned my passion for all things mechanical (eurotrash cars as well) and all things old into a pretty lucrative career as an automotive mechanic. I spend my weekends as a carpenter/framer/mason/ oh-my-crap-in-the-basement plumber; fixing up an old ass victorian house (some say it is haunted). A real-life Mr. Fix it. 

I created this blog to share these stories of sometimes humorous and sometimes savagely chaotic adventures. Enjoy!